April 2024

What are Branded Residences: A Triple Win for Developers, Brands, and Buyers

Branded residences have become a prominent trend in the luxury real estate market, offering a unique and prestigious living experience. These residential properties are associated with well-known brands, such as luxury hotels, fashion houses, automobile manufacturers, and renowned restaurants. Branded residences combine the allure of a luxury brand with the comfort and exclusivity of a private residence,...

Market Value, Rateable Value, and (Auction) Appraisal Value in Spain: Explained

Introduction When dealing with property in Spain, it is common to encounter different valuations that may seem confusing at first. The market value, rateable value, and (auction) appraisal value are three distinct valuations that serve different purposes in the Spanish real estate market. Understanding these values is crucial for making informed decisions when buying, selling, or owning property in...

Is Buying a Flat to Rent in Spain Profitable? A Comprehensive Guide for Property Investors

Investing in real estate is a popular option for those seeking medium- and long-term returns. The real estate market in Spain, in particular, has attracted many investors due to its potential for profitability. However, before making any investment decisions, it is crucial to understand the key aspects that affect the return on flats and how they align with your financial goals. In this...

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